What is Nirvana?

Nirvana is an open source email client written in Java, C, and C++. It is coded using SWT and SwingWT. The first in it's class. Nirvana combines SWT's native look and feel with outstanding graphics and an intuitive user interface to create arguably the easiest to use email client ever. Packed with next generation features along side of old stand-bys, you'll find enough to keep you interested and enough to feel like it's an old friend.

Not every email client is perfect, that's why Nirvana includes mechanisms to contact us, and to automatically report bugs and failures in the program so that we can make Nirvana better for you.

So, the bottom line: What does Nirvana have that could possibly induce you to switch? The answer is: That's up to you! At the moment, Nirvana is in development. As such, it's like a lump of clay, waiting for the potter to shape it. In this case, we're the potter, you are the designer. If you say that you want Nirvana to animate Ring-Around-the-Rosy every time you receive an email, we'll make every effort to implement that. We are depending on you to determine exactly what should go into this email client. And that is what I consider the most important feature of Nirvana.


     April 13, 2004 Ok, a little belated, but they're here. The preliminary screenshots of the basic functions are out for GTK Linux, Motif Linux, MacOS X, and Windows XP. Take a look and please let me know what you think!!

     Febuary 13, 2004 Great news! The gui (and the ensuing screenshots) can be expected to surface within two or three weeks. Stay tuned because we're almost there.

     January 19, 2004 The site is finally up and running! Much thanks to Simon Lilburn for drawing all these graphics and to Chris Spiewak for proof reading. Couldn't have even started without you!