What is...?

Q: Who drew these wicked graphics?

A: Well, I would definitely agree with the statement about the quality of these drawings cause they really are cool. But, all that aside, they were drawn by Simon Lilburn and donated to this project.

Q: How can I get a copy of Nirvana for my platform?

A: If I've already compiled Nirvana for your platform then you can find it under the "Downloads" link. However, since I don't have some of the less common systems in my possession, it's very possible that I can't compile Nirvana for you. If that is the case, then you'll have to build it yourself. You can use any CVS client to access the raw source for Nirvana under the cvsroot You'll have to have all the prerequisites listed in the build.xml file. Please note that you won't be able to build Nirvana for your platform at all unless there is a version of SWT for your platform. Your SWT folder must be organized in the same manner as it is in the Eclipse plugin distribution. Enter the 'Nirvana' folder in the terminal (or command prompt) and type 'ant'. Nirvana will be built and packaged for your system. One thing I do request though, if you have built Nirvana for a non-listed system, then please email me so that I can make the build available to others.

Q: I'm rich and excentric and I want to donate millions of dollars to the Nirvana project. How can I indulge in your day-dream?

A: Ok, so just about no one will ever ask this question, but just in case you want to donate a few pennies to Nirvana, then you can do it at the Nirvana donations site. Oh, and if you actually want to donate millions of dollars, get psychiatric help first. Ok? :) Once you've done that, knock yourself out.

Q: Where can I get more documentation on Nirvana?

A: Sourceforge supplies a documentation page on the project page of every project. You can go there and read articles written by other developers or readmes and manuals on how to use Nirvana. Also, you can download the Javadoc for the source code and read that if you are running short on sleeping pills.

Q: I've run into a problem. Now what?

A: Well, since Nirvana hasn't been released yet, no one has (or can) run into any problems whatsoever. So Nirvana currently embodies the meaning of the word: perfection.

Q: Where can I submit my earth shattering feature ideas?

A: See the link to the left. If you want it in the email client, I need to know about it. Then we (the Nirvana team and I) will put our best foot forward in implementing your idea(s).

Q: Is Nirvana associated with anything I should know about?

A: Not at all. The Yahoo! account access is done through open source YahooPOPs! and the http account access is done through a Java impementation of the WebDAV protocol. In other words: No, Nirvana is not associated with any company anywhere.

Q: How do I get involved with developing Nirvana?

A: You can't! Ha, ha, ha, ha!!! :) Actually, click on the link to the left which says 'JOIN' and send an email to me stating exactly what you think you can bring to this project. I'd sure be grateful for the help.

Q: How can I get to the sourceforge project page for Nirvana?

A: Click on the Nirvana image in the upper left hand corner of this page.